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Virgil Murder





At the risk of offending the admirers of "pious Aeneas" (if some still exist), and in order to celebrate joyfully the 2081st anniversary of Virgil’s birth. we will ask this blasphemous question: is it true that this ‘‘hero’’ could enter the Elysian Fields? There may be grounds for doubt. Today online.


An objection to the thesis recently proposed about Calabri rapuere ? Today online.

Your reactions are welcome.



The emperor Augustus was born on September 23 of the year 63 BC. He boasted that he had saved the Aeneid from the very hands of his delirious author. Really? Today online.




Today is the 2030th anniversary of Virgil’s death.

In his famous epitaph, which he is reported to have himself composed, the poet accuses “Calabrians” of having cut down his life. Is that a mere poetic exaggeration? Today online.



Had Virgil already practiced in the Georgics the pun on the word studia in which he indulged, it seems, in one of his letters to Augustus? Online today.



Virgil and Tibullus were almost simultaneously “dispatched to the Elysian Fields by an unfair death/Death”, according to Domitius Marsus. What did he mean?  Today online.



The success of La nuit de Virgile continues unabated. Thank you to all readers.
As for those who have not yet read this "novel" that is more than a novel, they can purchase it directly from this site, or on
http://www.numilog.com/. Happy reading!



Today is the 2054th anniversary of Ovid’s birthday. He said that he “only saw Virgil” (Tr. 4. 10. 51). But he had excellent eyes. Today online Ovid reads Virgil: Ascanius and Cupid. Have a fruitful reading!

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Today, an addition has been made to Virgil challenges Augustus. Your feedback is welcome.

Just published by H. F. Bauzá, one of the best connoisseurs of Augustan poetry, a book entitled Virgilio. Memorias del poeta. Una autobiografía espiritual (Editorial Biblos, Buenos Aires, 2011). This is no small feat to have been able to give a plausible voice to Virgil. This book will delight sophisticated scholars as well as neophytes. We wish it the great success it deserves.